Healthy Coriander Mint Chicken Patties OK, here they are, by popular demand, my very own version of healthy home-made chicken patties. They are gluten-free and proper-good-for-you. They contain very little cholesterol, not much sugar (only 5g) and offer a quarter of your daily recommended intake of fibre as well as bucket-loads of protein and iron. … Continue reading

Welcome to the new world Welcome to today. Today you get to be exactly who you would like to be. By choosing wisely your words and actions you get to create your next moment. In being the most authentic person in the room, you get to be all of yourself and create a world in … Continue reading

This is what we’ve been doing round at our place this past 7 weeks… watching the baby. That’s about all we do. Sometimes we’ll squeeze in some time to eat, shower and sleep but mainly we are just watching the baby. She’s so beautiful, we say. She’s so divine, we say. And she is. That’s … Continue reading

by guest contributor Nadine Richardson, prenatal yoga teacher, birthing educator and celebrant from She Births, Sydney, Australia An interesting and confronting question I hear these days is… Why are there so many issues with fertility for our generation? I like to think of health in a wholistic way - there are always a complex number … Continue reading

by guest contributor Dr Shafali Tsabary Want to know how to build connection with your kids? Let me give you an example from this morning… My daughter was - unconsciously - rude this morning. Grumpy, irritable and…rude. My instinct? To do all the “correcting” in the world. Oh, and I felt justified…completely. But what good … Continue reading