An Everyday Miracle

  Editor's Note: This post was submitted to me by a friend of a friend. It is written by a midwife who works in Bath, UK about her personal experience of a recent birth.  An everyday miracle happened today, Baby, born at home, the old fashioned way. A miracle happened and nobody saw, ‘cept partner … Continue reading An Everyday Miracle

Valentines Veritas

On the first Valentine's Day after the birth of our third child. This is what I wrote for my husband. It's about families, and birthing and came straight from the heart. You’re kneeling facing me on the floor, And I’m kneeling facing you on the couch. My white-knuckle grip squeezing your shoulders So hard you could … Continue reading Valentines Veritas

Resilience, And How To Build It

…especially with your children This article was inspired by a post on Bath Mums, a local mum’s forum in our home city of Bath in England. A mother was bearing her soul and expressing her lack of resources to help her young daughter with high sensitivity and coping at school. The little girl was having real … Continue reading Resilience, And How To Build It

The Myth Of The Terrible Teen, And How We May Carve Out An Alternative

Have you heard that expression, ‘the golden years’? Sometimes it is applied to the years after our kids move out of home when we seemingly will have hours in the day to roam freely through fields of yellow tulips and spend sun-drenched moments with gorgeous relatives around tables filled with food, a string of coloured … Continue reading The Myth Of The Terrible Teen, And How We May Carve Out An Alternative

Making Change, The True Story

Originally, this was going to be an article about change – glorifying it, giving you strategies for how to gracefully achieve it and offering tips and tricks on how to pull it off. I truly thought this would be a wonderful way to help people bust out of their comfort zones and create excitement and … Continue reading Making Change, The True Story

Madness or Meaning? The Christmas Story

Image by Shandi-lee licensed under Creative CommonsThe signs are appearing that it is almost that time of year again. The elves are appearing in the shop windows, there’s a Santa up at the shopping mall dressed inappropriately for the weather waiting for a queue to appear, and there are pretend robot polar bears scattered about.So … Continue reading Madness or Meaning? The Christmas Story