The Parent Pay-Off

It is evening at our house. Two out of three kids are sleeping, maybe not for very long in the case of the 7-month-old, but still, this is one of those peaceful moments in an otherwise relatively chaotic phase of our family’s evolution. Mr 14 tells us the piano piece he has been teaching himself … Continue reading The Parent Pay-Off

Valentines Veritas

On the first Valentine's Day after the birth of our third child. This is what I wrote for my husband. It's about families, and birthing and came straight from the heart. You’re kneeling facing me on the floor, And I’m kneeling facing you on the couch. My white-knuckle grip squeezing your shoulders So hard you could … Continue reading Valentines Veritas

The Top 3 Things Saving My Life Right Now

This past month has been a massive one for me and our family of four. We have relocated to Bath, England, and set up all the big-ticket items – car, school, home, work. It sounds so very simple to write them in a list like that, however the reality of coming to a new country … Continue reading The Top 3 Things Saving My Life Right Now

Check Out the Moves On Us (in which we go overseas to live in a very pretty place)

A short ten days ago I had been in six different countries in just over three weeks. I’ll be honest, one of those countries was Australia, where I used to live, and another of them is England, where I now live. Still, sounds exciting to write it like that.My family of four and I picked … Continue reading Check Out the Moves On Us (in which we go overseas to live in a very pretty place)

02.01.2016 Rome, Italy

letters-to-omi: First, we arrived. We were in transit for around 36 hours (12 hours wandering around Tokyo, 12 hours in the air from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport for several hours, and then 6 hours in the air to Rome). As soon as we arrived at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport it was very … Continue reading 02.01.2016 Rome, Italy

Madness or Meaning? The Christmas Story

Image by Shandi-lee licensed under Creative CommonsThe signs are appearing that it is almost that time of year again. The elves are appearing in the shop windows, there’s a Santa up at the shopping mall dressed inappropriately for the weather waiting for a queue to appear, and there are pretend robot polar bears scattered about.So … Continue reading Madness or Meaning? The Christmas Story

Purple Basil and Cashew Pesto

Today I decided it was time to go meat-free for a week. It wasn’t unprompted, I was encouraged by the wonderful Helen Lear who is helping Meat Free Week become a ‘thing’. And so it should be! Here’s why: + Meat Free Week is dedicated to reducing meat consumption. With an average consumption of 111.5kg … Continue reading Purple Basil and Cashew Pesto