Remembering the Woman Within the Mum (Letting the Wildness Return)

I'm writing to you from the comfort of our cosy living room, just after the kids have all gone to bed. It's properly cold outside as winter's death throes remind us that spring is coming, but certainly not here yet. The flu is slowly passing after weeks of intense sickness: chest-tickling, night-interrupting, energy-sapping bastard that … Continue reading Remembering the Woman Within the Mum (Letting the Wildness Return)

The Parent Pay-Off

It is evening at our house. Two out of three kids are sleeping, maybe not for very long in the case of the 7-month-old, but still, this is one of those peaceful moments in an otherwise relatively chaotic phase of our family’s evolution. Mr 14 tells us the piano piece he has been teaching himself … Continue reading The Parent Pay-Off

Resilience, And How To Build It

…especially with your children This article was inspired by a post on Bath Mums, a local mum’s forum in our home city of Bath in England. A mother was bearing her soul and expressing her lack of resources to help her young daughter with high sensitivity and coping at school. The little girl was having real … Continue reading Resilience, And How To Build It

The Myth Of The Terrible Teen, And How We May Carve Out An Alternative

Have you heard that expression, ‘the golden years’? Sometimes it is applied to the years after our kids move out of home when we seemingly will have hours in the day to roam freely through fields of yellow tulips and spend sun-drenched moments with gorgeous relatives around tables filled with food, a string of coloured … Continue reading The Myth Of The Terrible Teen, And How We May Carve Out An Alternative

How To Keep Your Head Up (even when the view gets interrupted)

This week has been a time of reflection for several reasons. There is a level of busy-ness that comes with being part of a family whether or not you have anything else going on. And right now, we have a lot else going on. There is a new business (mine), there is a new job … Continue reading How To Keep Your Head Up (even when the view gets interrupted)

When Letting Go Is Receiving

Today has been a day of spending time with family and being incredibly grateful for the amazing life I have. ‘Thank you’ (she says, looking up… at nothing in particular).All to often I speed through my days cooking, cleaning, working, tidying, helping my kids, more cooking… well, you know the drill. Then sometimes I remember … Continue reading When Letting Go Is Receiving

Welcome Back Mamma

Newsflash: our little home did not implode, nor did the children spontaneously combust whilst I was away living my dreams for a couple of weeks. Yes, it seems ridiculous that I could possibly think myself entirely indispensable in any role I play in life. But somehow, over the course of the last year in which … Continue reading Welcome Back Mamma

This is what we’ve been doing round at our place this past 7 weeks… watching the baby. That’s about all we do. Sometimes we’ll squeeze in some time to eat, shower and sleep but mainly we are just watching the baby. She’s so beautiful, we say. She’s so divine, we say. And she is. That’s … Continue reading