Sant’Estachio, Rome

letters-to-omi: Just back from dinner at a beautiful trattoria around the corner from our small apartment in Sant’Estachio. It is amazing to me how so many small restaurants and bars can exist in these seemingly obscure back alleyways and all of them are busy. There are restaurants literally everywhere in this area. And the majority … Continue reading Sant’Estachio, Rome

02.01.2016 Rome, Italy

letters-to-omi: First, we arrived. We were in transit for around 36 hours (12 hours wandering around Tokyo, 12 hours in the air from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport for several hours, and then 6 hours in the air to Rome). As soon as we arrived at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport it was very … Continue reading 02.01.2016 Rome, Italy