Approaching Consciousness, and Other Small Wonders

It is a very personal process of baby steps, of becoming and approaching rather than 'achieving' a level of some kind. Every day we do a little bit more 'work in the garden' of our selves and our families and hopefully over time we slowly and lovingly and gently have more positive impacts. There is no shortcut, or simple answer, just a continuing conscious intention. 

5 Simple Ideas for a Sustainable Easter

In the UK we buy more than 80 million boxed chocolate eggs each year at Easter, generating 4,370 tonnes of card waste and costing around £299 million*. Here are some simple tips to help us reduce our impact and green-up our Easter. Choose eggs with less packaging or invest in a mould and make your own. Crumple … Continue reading 5 Simple Ideas for a Sustainable Easter

Success 2.0,  A Life-Friendly Version

As a topic, success can quickly become fertile ground for clichés and rote answers. There just isn’t one type of success that everyone subscribes to.  So much so, that there is even a campaign rallying to get a major dictionary to change their definition of the word. Traditionally notions of success have been linked closely … Continue reading Success 2.0,  A Life-Friendly Version

How To Keep Your Head Up (even when the view gets interrupted)

This week has been a time of reflection for several reasons. There is a level of busy-ness that comes with being part of a family whether or not you have anything else going on. And right now, we have a lot else going on. There is a new business (mine), there is a new job … Continue reading How To Keep Your Head Up (even when the view gets interrupted)

Fight Apathy.. Or Don’t

As much as I don’t like to admit it, there are times when I really don’t care whether or not my child watches another hour of television. Or even if he plays with a toy gun, or perhaps plays a certain computer game for more than the time allowed. Like a wave of parental apathy … Continue reading Fight Apathy.. Or Don’t