Best of Japan, 2015

02.01.2016 Rome, Italy

letters-to-omi: First, we arrived. We were in transit for around 36 hours (12 hours wandering around Tokyo, 12 hours in the air from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport for several hours, and then 6 hours in the air to Rome). As soon as we arrived at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport it was very … Continue reading 02.01.2016 Rome, Italy

When Letting Go Is Receiving

Today has been a day of spending time with family and being incredibly grateful for the amazing life I have. ‘Thank you’ (she says, looking up… at nothing in particular).All to often I speed through my days cooking, cleaning, working, tidying, helping my kids, more cooking… well, you know the drill. Then sometimes I remember … Continue reading When Letting Go Is Receiving