Here is my ever-changing and always updating list of resources.

Resources - Pinterest
Soul Mamma On Pinterest
You will find a whole lot of links to a whole lot of amazing things when you go to our  Pinterest pages.


Resources - Crowdfire Interview
Insider Scoop: The Truth About Parent Blogging
Over on Soundcloud Alena|Soul Mamma is interviewed by global award-winning Marketer and Social Influencer, Cara Parrish.


Resources - Free Meditation.png


Free Meditation – Quieting the Voice Saying You Aren’t Enough



Resources - Wholehearted Parenting.png

Wholehearted Parenting Podcast

A wonderful podcast all about parenting from the heart with Bonnie Compton.


Resources - Spotify Playlist.png

Relax with this Spotify Playlist
Enjoy this custom relaxed-but-cool “Chill the Funk Out” playlist.



Resources - She Births
She Births

The amazing Nadine Richardson, doula/yoga teacher and birthing educator extraordinaire has created a rich and evidence-based resource for birthing mothers. You can also read about one of my She-Births-Inspired births here.

Carole Tuttle’s Free Energy Profiling Course

Resources on pregnancy and addiction

Links to Other Publications Picking Up What I’m Puttin’ Down







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