The Not-So-Subtle Art of Giving a F*ck

Being a fan of peace-of-mind I prefer to get along with the world. Call me lazy, I just think its easier that way. It came to pass, however, that in the week gone by I managed to really piss somebody off. It's not the first time, but I have learned over the years that although … Continue reading The Not-So-Subtle Art of Giving a F*ck

Mamma’s Back!

After a year of confinement, birthing, breastfeeding and general family shenanigans, I am back on deck. Meet baby Cole, born December 2016 and a genuine delight (and the best sleep-interrupter I've ever known).   Here VOILA! is the new look Soul Mamma. I truly hope you love it as much as I do. As always, contact … Continue reading Mamma’s Back!

The Parent Pay-Off

It is evening at our house. Two out of three kids are sleeping, maybe not for very long in the case of the 7-month-old, but still, this is one of those peaceful moments in an otherwise relatively chaotic phase of our family’s evolution. Mr 14 tells us the piano piece he has been teaching himself … Continue reading The Parent Pay-Off

Natural Fertility Top Tips

So you’ve been trying for a while, and contrary to your best laid (‘scuse the pun) plans and good intentions, you’re still not pregnant. What next? Having had my own fertility journey, ultimately culminating in an uncomplicated natural birth (following a natural conception) at age 45, I am often asked to share what worked for … Continue reading Natural Fertility Top Tips

Nutritious Jelly Gummy Sweets

I love making these at home! They take literally a matter of minutes to make and then you are left with these lovely and nutritious sweets instead of the ones from the shop that are so expensive and potentially full of nasties. Also, gelatin is actually really great for your skin and your overall health in … Continue reading Nutritious Jelly Gummy Sweets

An Everyday Miracle

  Editor's Note: This post was submitted to me by a friend of a friend. It is written by a midwife who works in Bath, UK about her personal experience of a recent birth.  An everyday miracle happened today, Baby, born at home, the old fashioned way. A miracle happened and nobody saw, ‘cept partner … Continue reading An Everyday Miracle

Valentines Veritas

On the first Valentine's Day after the birth of our third child. This is what I wrote for my husband. It's about families, and birthing and came straight from the heart. You’re kneeling facing me on the floor, And I’m kneeling facing you on the couch. My white-knuckle grip squeezing your shoulders So hard you could … Continue reading Valentines Veritas

Ask a Question (It Might Just Change Things)

Forgive me. This is going to be one of the posts that involves a little toot of horn-blowing. I mean I don’t want to boast or anything, but this morning I had small triumph. This was a simple win arising out of very little effort on my part, just thought and action. It began with … Continue reading Ask a Question (It Might Just Change Things)