A Morning Routine for Real Mums (and Sometimes Dads)

Looking at the image above I'm almost flinching in the knowledge that it will be at least a decade till I'll read a newspaper with a coffee in my hand without being interrupted by one of my three kids asking for something (FFS!). Though I humbly and deeply appreciate it's a huge blessing to be … Continue reading A Morning Routine for Real Mums (and Sometimes Dads)

A Family Traveller’s Guide to Bath

Beautiful Bath. It has been that way for millennia and it certainly looks like it will be staying beautiful with its UNESCO World Heritage listing and careful management by the local Council. Years ago we visited Bath and loved it so much we ended up living there for over 2 years. So be warned, there … Continue reading A Family Traveller’s Guide to Bath

Approaching Consciousness, and Other Small Wonders

It is a very personal process of baby steps, of becoming and approaching rather than 'achieving' a level of some kind. Every day we do a little bit more 'work in the garden' of our selves and our families and hopefully over time we slowly and lovingly and gently have more positive impacts. There is no shortcut, or simple answer, just a continuing conscious intention. 

5 Simple Ideas for a Sustainable Easter

In the UK we buy more than 80 million boxed chocolate eggs each year at Easter, generating 4,370 tonnes of card waste and costing around £299 million*. Here are some simple tips to help us reduce our impact and green-up our Easter. Choose eggs with less packaging or invest in a mould and make your own. Crumple … Continue reading 5 Simple Ideas for a Sustainable Easter

Remembering the Woman Within the Mum (Letting the Wildness Return)

I'm writing to you from the comfort of our cosy living room, just after the kids have all gone to bed. It's properly cold outside as winter's death throes remind us that spring is coming, but certainly not here yet. The flu is slowly passing after weeks of intense sickness: chest-tickling, night-interrupting, energy-sapping bastard that … Continue reading Remembering the Woman Within the Mum (Letting the Wildness Return)

Just Remember to Breathe

I'm going to tell you the truth, again. We mums are only winging-it most of the time, and it's an absolute bloody rollercoaster. There are however some very simple ways to bring in a bit more joy and help minimise the relentless grind of daily family life. Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sound of … Continue reading Just Remember to Breathe

When Even the Greatest Love Isn’t Enough

We lost a friend this week.  She was a very talented artist, and mother, who struggled with mental illness. Despite the absolute best efforts of health professionals, her friends and family she was not able to survive her illness. And she fought hard.