When Letting Go Is Receiving


Today has been a day of spending time with family and being incredibly grateful for the amazing life I have. ‘Thank you’ (she says, looking up… at nothing in particular).

All to often I speed through my days cooking, cleaning, working, tidying, helping my kids, more cooking… well, you know the drill. Then sometimes I remember to slow down. I remember the more I let go, the more I can feel what is happening right here and right now.

All too often time is flying before my eyes and I can get really distracted by the mundanities of daily routines. And yet it is so simple to just look up from it all, take a deep breath, and actually realise what is happening right there in front of me. Even if it is not exactly as I had hoped – a glass of milk spilled, or a child complaining – it is still the real here and now.

There is simple beauty in changing the way we see each moment. By making a decision to really let go of my expectations, my preconceived ideas of how things ‘should’ be, the way I think others expect me to be, the way I think others expect my kids to be, or all of the above, I can actually take a leap into the present and really experience it at a deeper level.

By doing that, by making the decision to let go I am then – and only then – in a position to really receive the absolute beauty and love that is all around. I can actually feel what is going on and take it in fully, authentically and genuinely.

Today I am letting go so that I can receive fully. Today I am taking the leap.

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