Self care (and other elusive concepts for motherhood and beyond)


This (above) is a bathroom floor. Some people work in high rise buildings with views of the city, or the harbour, or maybe the workstation next to them. I work in the home. My view is the floors of our kitchen, bathroom and hals, I see the sink from my workplace, or sometimes the washing machine. My closest colleague is a 5 month old. She’s GREAT to work with I must say.

Though I aim to go for at least a half hour walk each day and get outside for my daily does of vitamin D3 from the sun, most of my day is spent inside the home.

In conversation recently the discussion turned to how we sometimes will go 5 or 6 hours feeding those around us, cooking, cleaning and on our feet and then wonder why our mouth is dry and our back is sore. It is so easy to neglect ourselves. And I know it is not only mothers that do this – it is anyone in a caring profession, or a profession that does not allow adequate breaks. And it is all too common.

The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson is a great book that reminds us to care for ourselves. When I saw her speak last year she discussed learning to piss people off as her first task in becoming someone who looked after herself. Brilliant, I thought. I’m terrible at that.

So this is my little pledge to you and my encouragement also – I promise to have a glass of water, sit down, eat well and take a walk each day. I sense I’ll not only like myself more, but I might have a bigger smile on my dial for my kids and coworkers too. Cheeky grins are a beautiful thing.

Easy, I hear you say. That’s so easy. Ok then, try it. Tell me how you go. I would love to hear your stories, whether you relate, or whether you are a self-care king.

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